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Anti-Neutrino (x5)

Category: Electro-Magnetic

Faction: Neutral

This can't be built by players !

Intelligence Report

Composed of electromagnetic fields holding barriers of Antineutrons (the antiparticle of a neutrino) around a ship, one could at first mistake Anti-Neutrino armour for a shielding system - but it's a lot more effective. Anti-Neutrino armour's charge overwhelms and neutralises that of most energy weapons and flashfries impacting organic material. This makes it one of the best armours available, primary manipulator appendages down.

The Union's development of Ebidium Armor has challenged this supremacy. Despite its classification as a conventional armor, Ebidium is the hardest armor known, the primary characterisitic that challenges Anti-Neutrino Armor. However, as this armor is only available to high-ranking Union pilots, Anti-Neutrino Armor remains very popular outside of the Union.
Strength: 5
Planet sales: 4,856,000
Scrap value: 2,428,000