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Zortrium (x3)

Category: Conventional

Faction: Neutral

Intelligence Report

Zortrium is a metal-ceramic composite which provides a much improved degree of protection at a fraction of the mass of the older 'pure' metal materials.

Its structure consists of a hexagonal Tritanium lattice which has been through at least three cycles of plasma heat treatment making it incredibly tough although still retaining a large degree of flexibility.

Inside each hexagonal cell (which is only few millimetres across) a liquid ceramic is injected where it sets and bonds to the cell walls giving this material improved resistance to thermal energy damage.


The first attempts to create Zortrium were laborious and time consuming affiars, with even small quantities taking months to prepare with laser injectors and magnetic tubules.

Today micro-teleporters are used to insert the ceramic components almost instantaneously throughout the entire structure.
Strength: 3
Planet sales: 290,000
Scrap value: 145,000

12,500 Credits

6 Chemical Supplies
4 Gem Stones
10 Energy
12 Metal

Required cycles: 12 (1 days, 12 h)
150,000 Credits

72 Chemical Supplies
48 Gem Stones
120 Energy
144 Metal