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Ebidium (x6)

Category: Conventional

Faction: Union

Intelligence Report

The Federation, Empire and various Neutral Armoursmiths said it couldn't be done - but a group of Union scientists went on a week-long bender and worked non-stop and the end result was Ebidium.

The toughest metal known to any race in the universe, Ebidium is practically indestructible - the true 'Adamantium' of metals.
Strength: 6
Planet sales: 2,990,000
Scrap value: 1,495,000

65,000 Credits

18 Chemical Supplies
20 Gem Stones
20 Energy
24 Metal

Required cycles: 32 (4 days)
2,080,000 Credits

576 Chemical Supplies
640 Gem Stones
640 Energy
768 Metal