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Worm-Slime (x2)

Category: Organic

Faction: Neutral

This can't be built by players !

Intelligence Report

This armour was the first invented and easiest to produce of the organic armours. Its use as ship protection was first discovered quite by accident by a rather lazy, unarmored human pilot who waited much too long after fighting a group of space maggots to go for repairs or use any ship-cleaning systems. The maggot slime stuck to his hull and solidified on the outside, whilst the inner areas remained as a slime-like substance. When he went to a local starbase for repairs, it was found to be difficult to remove with laser cutters, and it effectively battled any cleaning microbes applied. After the repair technician mentioned this strange occurence to an engineer visiting the base, the engineer decided to take this phenomena back to his own company and develop it into an armor. Thus, the first organic armor lab was founded.
Strength: 2
Planet sales: 190,000
Scrap value: 95,000