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Alliance Command Station

Category: High

Intelligence Report

A player who builds an Alliance Command Station (ACS) bestows an important feature on his/her alliance mates: being almost instantly informed in alliance chat about attacks on any alliance building or starbase taking place inside the same cluster. More than one ACS may be built in the same cluster, but only one is neccessary to enable use of its features.

ACS built by players not in an alliance have no function; it is however possible to e.g. leave an alliance, join another one and use the same ACS there - the ACS will always be used for the owner's current alliance. An ACS does not produce anything, but needs a constant upkeep of energy and radioactive cells to work.
Every attack is logged in the ACS Log under Diplomacy. ACS log entries about attacks on MOs are highlighted in blue color, attacks on starbases in red color. They include the building type or starbase, its owner and sector/coordinates, and the attacker's name. Every two minutes, a notification is displayed in the respective alliance chat if new entries were added to the log.

Attackers are able to supress these ACS log entries being added with interferometers, available to Union pilots and in hidden places.