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Cybernetic Station

Category: Non-player

This can't be built by players !

Intelligence Report

Allegedly only one such gigantic cybernetic station exists in the universe, somewhere in neutral territory. Erected by a peaceful race of cyborgs, certain cybernetic orbiters can here be assembled by visitors provided they bring along the necessary commodities for components, and some money.

This building, located in sector HO 2-296 (5,1) in the West Pardus Rim, is one of the few neutral buildings scattered around the galaxy. This building makes X-993 repair drones and neural stimulators, provided you bring the right commodities needed along with some credits as seen below. Building one of these orbiters also takes 10 action points.

Neural Stimulator:
Cost: 650,000 cr, 10t electronics, 3t radioactive cells, 3t 993 cybernetic parts.

993 Repair Drone:
Cost: 100,000 cr, 5t electronics, 5t droid modules, 1t Keldon brain, 5t 993 cybernetic parts.