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Federation Human Core

Faction: Federation

Homeworld: Sol

Intelligence Report

Many new players (when given a choice) select Human as their starting race. As a result, the Federation Human Core is probably the most densely populated cluster of Pardus. It has become a sprawling, densely populated cluster with large local markets at class M planets and starbases and bustling local economies to feed them.

There are three large trade alliances which have claimed stewardship over various sectors: the Triad, Free Trade Syndicate, and Trade eXchange Corporation. All three persue economic development over armed conflict, though they have all supported the Federation in resisting Imperial aggression during the second war. However, in times of peace, the entire cluster tends to be a safe haven for pilots focusing on trade and ranking.

However, the high concentration of new pilots in Sol has attracted 'serial n00b-killers,' such as the infamous Scrotor McGrew, who prey on inexperienced pilots in order to increase their kill counts.