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Faction: Neutral

Intelligence Report

This was the engine first used by the Keldons to quickly move their ships through space, though compared to other drives it is not considered fast anymore. It does have the advantage of being small, cheap, fuel efficient. For this reason it is given to all new pilots and is the default on every ship.

The Nuclear engine operates by bombarding 'heavy' atomic nuclei with energetic particles in order to split them and collect the energy bleed-off (fission). This energy is then used to eject the spent atomic matter by means of a series of magnetic coils which channel the matter/energy into fast moving streams which can be utilised as a source of motive power similar to the chemical rockets used by our ancenstors millenia ago.
Mass: 22

Speed: 1

Tank: 2
Fuel: 100 (for 100 tiles movement)
Planet sales: 4,000
Scrap value: 2,000

1,000 Credits

2 Energy
1 Electronics
1 Metal
1 Radioactive Cells

Required cycles: 1 (3 h)