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Anti-Matter (Enhanced)

Faction: Federation

Intelligence Report

Utilising thier well-known Federation ingenuity, Human technicians have modified the standard AMD into a more efficient 'Closed Loop' configuration.

The standard reaction chamber is present, but has several dozen magnetic field generators implanted around its circumference to collect the minute quantities of partially reacted matter and funnel them back into the primary injection streams.

Although simple in theory this modification process has a pronounced effect on the performance of the drive.
Mass: 51

Speed: 4

Tank: 7
Fuel: 150 (for 100 tiles movement)

Evasion Bonus: +16%
Planet sales: 184,000
Scrap value: 92,000

2,500 Credits

2 Energy
1 Electronics
3 Metal
3 Radioactive Cells

Required cycles: 12 (1 days, 12 h)
30,000 Credits

24 Energy
12 Electronics
36 Metal
36 Radioactive Cells