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Faction: Neutral

Intelligence Report

An incremental development of gravity wave propulsion, the Hyper drive uses a similar process to generate gravity fields as the older Antimatter devices. However, the primary source of power is a minute quantity of exotic matter held in a semi-diffused state through which the fuel is passed annihilating the matter component and releasing the energy as a gravimetric pulse.

The sheer intensity of the distortion produced by this process allows for the area immediately around the engine (such as a spacecraft) to be partially isolated from its parent universe, thus allowing the standard physical rules we are familiar with to be 'bent' causing an appreciable reduction in apparent mass, with all the performance perks you would expect.

Once this mass bubble has been established, the drive uses a standard gravity wave to achieve motion.
Mass: 73

Speed: 5

Tank: 8
Fuel: 225 (for 100 tiles movement)

Evasion Bonus: +16%
Planet sales: 220,000
Scrap value: 110,000

3,500 Credits

4 Energy
2 Electronics
6 Metal
6 Radioactive Cells

Required cycles: 16 (2 days)
56,000 Credits

64 Energy
32 Electronics
96 Metal
96 Radioactive Cells