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Faction: Neutral

Intelligence Report

The Interphased drive system (IPD) is currently the most powerful drive available on the open market.

Its operation is almost identical to the smaller Hyper Drive with one notable difference:

The IPD generates two gravity bubbles simultaneously each at 180° phase separation thus providing a far more stable field, further enhancing the effects and thus increasing the speed of the vessel.
Mass: 87

Speed: 6

Tank: 9
Fuel: 250 (for 100 tiles movement)

Evasion Bonus: +20%
Planet sales: 400,000
Scrap value: 200,000

4,000 Credits

5 Energy
3 Electronics
8 Metal
6 Radioactive Cells

Required cycles: 24 (3 days)
96,000 Credits

120 Energy
72 Electronics
192 Metal
144 Radioactive Cells