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Interphased (Enhanced)

Faction: Federation

Intelligence Report

The pinnacle of gravity wave propulsion, the Federation guards the secret (and the deployment) of this device with a jealous fervor.

Although little more than a 'simple' augmentation of an existing system no-one can argue with the results.

The Enhanced IPD uses a modified field generator to produce three overlapping bubbles with 120° of phase separation. Although this does not allow a ship to travel any faster, it does allow a much finer degree of control enabling even large vessels to perform intricate defensive manoeuvres with comparable ease.
Mass: 80

Speed: 6

Tank: 10
Fuel: 225 (for 100 tiles movement)

Evasion Bonus: +24%
Planet sales: 800,000
Scrap value: 400,000

4,000 Credits

5 Energy
3 Electronics
8 Metal
6 Radioactive Cells

Required cycles: 42 (5 days, 6 h)
168,000 Credits

210 Energy
126 Electronics
336 Metal
252 Radioactive Cells