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10 MW Mining

Category: Conventional

Faction: Neutral

Intelligence Report

This weapon, despite its general weakness, was actually created after the Impulse laser series. During the war between the newly formed Federation and the Empire, both sides needed a quicker way to mine minerals from asteroid fields and moons than the standard way of digging them out with machinery. This laser was specially designed to be used in close quarters, assuming the asteroids wouldn't fight back, accounting for their low damage potential. A low-powered beam lasting several seconds is used to bore into the rock; this is followed by a more powerful which sends the rock hurtling out into space towards the ship. Today they see very little combat use due to the creation of the 30MW mining laser; however, amongst unarmed traders wishing for mining capability whilst sacrificing little of their precious cargo space, it is a first choice over the more powerful yet bulkier 30 MW Mining Laser.
Mass: 4

Damage: 6
Firerate: 1
Planet sales: 1,000
Scrap value: 500

150 Credits

1 Energy
1 Metal
1 Optical Components

Required cycles: 1 (3 h)