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Bio-Spore Array

Category: Organic

Faction: Neutral

This can't be built by players !

Intelligence Report

The Spores:

This organic weapon comes from Sarracenias, a type of carnivourus nebula plants. The spores given off by Sarracenias every three months to reproduce are collected, stored, and used to home grow the plants in the organic weapon labs. During the first years of their life the death spore pods are removed from them and upgraded to be installable on ships.

The Weapon:

Chambers within the Bio-Spore Array continue to grow duplicates of the spores placed within the weapon. When called upon in combat, this weapon fires three quick small bursts of spores that travel in clusters close to the speed of light. When a clusters collides with a ship, the spores travel in a "cloud" along the ship and attempt to attach themselves. If successful, they will try to use whatever resources they can gather from the ship to quickly grow to approximately 15 centimeters in diameter before ending its short lifespan and falling off, along with the energy or material from the enemy ship it used to grow. The spores have no problem rooting in metal or syphoning off electromagnetic energy; however, organisms in organic armor prevent many spores from germinating.

Due to their rapid fire capabilties these are well-used by pilots looking to train their combat skills.
Mass: 16

Damage: 42
Firerate: 3
Planet sales: 850,000
Scrap value: 425,000