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Viral Glands

Category: Organic

Faction: Neutral

This can't be built by players !

Intelligence Report

Developed by the Keldon during the first major galactic war, the virus within the Viral Glands are responsible for the horrific mutations in the Pardus Core. However, several modifications have been made to both the virus, and the weapon itself. To prevent similar occurances like the original virus had, Keldon medical scientists used high-energy gamma rays to adapted the virus to absorb shield energy, and eat away at the armor and hull of opposing ships; allowing for a more effective and reliable weapon.

The original virus had been launched towards hostile forces by means of missles. Due to the modifications made to the virus, it would eat through the inner lnings of the missle, which kept the virus in place. So, scientists developed an organic material which mimics the behavior of the virus, allowing it to be transported and fired safely.
Mass: 28

Damage: 78
Firerate: 2
Planet sales: 1,680,000
Scrap value: 840,000