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1 MW Impulse

Category: Conventional

Faction: Neutral

Intelligence Report


Virtually unchanged since the very first days of the current space-fairing community, the ubiquitous Pulse Laser has seen action in just about every conflict to date from minor trade disputes to full blown wars there have been uncounted thousands of pilots who have found themselves at the 'bright' end of an Ingrams Military Laser.


A compact and reliable weapon, but vastly underpowered when compared to modern defensive equipment. Only of any use to traders who don't want to give up too much cargo space and still be able to carve thier name in a passing asteroid or leave it at home for Grandma to heat up the rocks in the fireplace with.
Mass: 2

Damage: 21
Firerate: 1
Planet sales: 12,000
Scrap value: 6,000

500 Credits

1 Energy
1 Battleweapon Parts

Required cycles: 2 (6 h)
1,000 Credits

2 Energy
2 Battleweapon Parts