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1 MW Particle

Category: Conventional

Faction: Neutral

Intelligence Report


The Particle Beam Laser is now the de-facto standard space craft armament, being easy to construct and maintain while offering superior performance compared to the older Pulse Lasers.
The main advantage of these beam weapons is thier continuous nature which not only delivers a constant stream of damage to the target, but allows said target to be 'tracked' much easier with the weapon giving a much higher than average accuracy.


The 1MW Particle Laser is the smallest weapon you should be considering taking into combat.
Whilst they don't do a lot of damage they do fire quickly enough to be somewhat useful.
Some pilots use these weapons for increasing thier skills by beating on tough NPCs for days at a time.
Mass: 4

Damage: 27
Firerate: 2
Planet sales: 86,000
Scrap value: 43,000

4,500 Credits

2 Energy
1 Battleweapon Parts

Required cycles: 8 ()
36,000 Credits

16 Energy
8 Battleweapon Parts