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Imperial Elite Mk. 1

Faction: Empire

Intelligence Report

The Elite MK.I missles was the Empire's first attempt at a missle with an advanced AI, a powerful warhead, and was easy to reload and prep. for launch. For a few short years it was the top missle of choice among the top imperial fighters. Once the MK.II missle came out though its superiority in all fields for only one ton more put this missle into an early grave. These days it sees little to no use by any imperial pilots.
Mass: 5

Damage: 270
Intelligence: 4
ART: 3
Planet sales: 62,500
Scrap value: 31,250

5,000 Credits

2 Energy
3 Electronics
2 Metal

Required cycles: 6 (18 h)
30,000 Credits

12 Energy
18 Electronics
12 Metal