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King Kraak

Faction: Empire

Intelligence Report

Named after the (in)famous Ska'ari King Kraak, the King Kraak Torpedo is capable of delivering a devastating blow to anything it strikes.

King Kraak was known for his powerful, precise strikes with which his armies could annihilate enemy armies in a single, swift blow. The missile's powerful tactical nuclear warhead and high-grade tracking computers can deliver the same kind of power - but against a single target, often resulting in the victim's total annihilation.
Mass: 28

Damage: 1800
Intelligence: 6
ART: 19
Planet sales: 1,500,000
Scrap value: 750,000

18,000 Credits

6 Energy
16 Electronics
14 Metal

Required cycles: 24 (3 days)
432,000 Credits

144 Energy
384 Electronics
336 Metal