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NN500 Fleet

Faction: Neutral

Intelligence Report

The NN500 Fleet missile was created for Federal pilots who wanted something more powerful than the now outdated LV111 Intelligent missile to match the new Imperial Elite class missiles. The Intelligence of the missile was not upgraded in favor of a larger warhead. The end result was that three extra tons of explosives were added, which made it almost as powerful as two of the LV111 class with a similar cost. After some fumbling of intellectual property rights by the inept legal department of its creating company, it became available everywhere. It is now the most used of all non-Imperial missles.
Mass: 5

Damage: 255
Intelligence: 2
ART: 4
Planet sales: 16,000
Scrap value: 8,000

1,500 Credits

2 Energy
2 Electronics
2 Metal

Required cycles: 3 (9 h)
4,500 Credits

6 Energy
6 Electronics
6 Metal