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Imperial MO89 Lord

Faction: Empire

Intelligence Report

During the first war between the newly-formed Federation and the Empire, one of the most reknowned squadrons was led by Lord Mar'on. He and his approximately 150 subordinates were widely feared by Federal forces for their tendency to drop some debris into a battlezone, causing opponents to think them destroyed, but in reality dissapearing into the energy and quickly launching a surprise attack several local days later, followed by fleeing. Unfortunately, he found the NN500 Fleet missiles insufficient for taking out Federal shipping and facilities in minimal time, and pled to the Empire for a better alternative. In less than two of Ska's months, Imperial engineers were able to find a better warhead the same size as the one pre-existing one on the NN500, as well as updrading the guiding computer with a larger, miniaturized amount of the existing components. Thus, their improved Fleet missile, dubbed the "KI23 Ire" was born.

Although the Ire was made available to most Imperial fighter units, Mar'on's squdron used them by far the most effectively. Rather than, or in addition to targetting rebel shipping and facilities, they launched scores of Ires at unsuspecting bases that had relaxed their alert, breaking through defences and completely destroying a vital section of the base (often the main docks, repair station, or life-support sections). After the war, the KI23 Ire was renamed to the MO89 Lord in honor of Lord Mar'on and his 89 remaining fighters.
Mass: 5

Damage: 315
Intelligence: 3
ART: 4
Planet sales: 17,500
Scrap value: 8,750

1,000 Credits

2 Energy
2 Electronics
3 Metal

Required cycles: 3 (9 h)
3,000 Credits

6 Energy
6 Electronics
9 Metal