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Space Maggot

Category: Organic

Intelligence Report

Space Maggots are undoubtedly the easiest prey in the universe. Their slow, sluggish movements, non-existent offensive capabilities, and soft outer membranes their only protection, they provide easy practice for inexperienced pilots looking to hone their skills. Leaving crafts caked with their inner ooze is the only real threat they pose to space pilots, leaving them unfortunately with a very large cleaning bill.

Additional info:

As the most plentiful enemy in Pardus, this creature is also the weakest. As long as you have armour and weapons, then taking this creature on should not be a problem.

Due to the number of these maggots, missions that require a number of them to be killed can be completed with ease. They also have a short respawn time so even if someone killed them already you wont have to wait long for them to come back.

This last feature proves to be a nuisance in some trade lanes, as these maggots will still block passage. Clearing such lanes allows the unarmed traders to operate at peak efficiency.

Maggots do spawn on Asteroid tiles, blocking access to Asteroid Mines as well.


In space around asteroid tiles, and on the asteroid tiles themselves.
Hull: 300

Slime Hurler
Tactics: 15
Hit Accuracy: 14
Maneuver: 14
Weaponry: 22
Engineering: 12


Retreat hold: None
Respawn time: 6m
Experience: 15


Bio Waste