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Experienced Pirate

Category: Conventional

Intelligence Report

Like the thousands of larvae laid in the nests of Space Worms and Maggots to ensure the continued survival of their species, a great number of the inexperienced pirates that roam the galaxies will eventually mature into an even greater threat. Using their newly found wealth to upgrade their dilapidated crafts into the far more intimidating and better equipped vessels, these hardened veterans continue patrolling the far reaches of space for any and all unwitting prey.

Additional info:

Its a pirate...kill it... before it kills you. Commonly found cloaked in energy in the less than reputable parts of the universe, these feindesh men have taken upon them a life of crime. If you are lucky to meet a nice one he will only beat you half to death then raid you.
Hull: 360
Shield: 120

Armor: 285 Tritanium (x2)
Tactics: 26
Hit Accuracy: 30
Maneuver: 26
Weaponry: 30
Engineering: 24

Cloaking ( Energy)

Retreat hold: Often
Respawn time: 1h
Experience: 100
Reputation: 3