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X-993 Squad

Category: Conventional

Intelligence Report

Tasked with gathering the basic raw materials for continued production of the X-993 Series, the X-993 Drone is a craft of the simplest kind. Fitted with mining lasers, gas harvesters, and unique energy cells created by CASSN upon its evolution, these tiny vessels are quite often found in the dozens, busily working away the long hours of the day. Due to the repeated hostilities by the Empire against the X-993 Series, CASSN has retrofitted many of its drones with basic weaponry systems, making this working class craft an able soldier as well, a cunning intelligence hidden beneath its plain and harmless appearance.
Hull: 975
Tactics: 35
Hit Accuracy: 43
Maneuver: 55
Weaponry: 33
Engineering: 28


Retreat hold: Often
Respawn time: 48m
Experience: 130


Cybernetic X-993 Parts