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Ice Beast

Category: Organic

Intelligence Report

The Ice Beast is not its own species of creature, but instead a unique genetic mutation observed to exist within various different species of the cosmos. Affecting the sweat glands and hair follicles of animalia, this mutation denies bodies the regulation of their own pores. Forced to retreat to the coldest regions of space, or else perish, Ice Beasts come to be plated with a thick outer carapace which appear to be made of scales of pure ice, a veritable tank like armor.

Additional info:

Ice Beasts have been the subject of much controversy in the scientific realm in terms of their nature. While bearing some similarities to frost crystals, they are a unique form of life and their study has prompted much interest and criticism. In a few rare instance they have been observed in energy, asteroids, or open space. But typically the confine themselves to nebula gas.
Hull: 225

Armor: 525 Organic (x1)

Glacial Blast


Glacial Spikes
Tactics: 41
Hit Accuracy: 45
Maneuver: 38
Weaponry: 40
Engineering: 24


Retreat hold: Very rare
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 90