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Blood Amoeba

Category: Organic

Intelligence Report

Though highly evolved from the single celled parasite that gave them their names, the Blood Amoeba nonetheless shares many of the same traits as its primitive cousins. Propelled by pseudopods the Blood Amoeba exists naturally in a translucent state, almost invisible to the naked eye amidst the vacuum of space. These vampiric parasites however permanently take on the crimson color they are notorious for upon their first contact with another creature's lifeblood, the Amoeba's sole source of sustenance.

Additional info:

These terrible red beast fight dirtier than they sound. Often hurling hardened masses of thems selves for great damage. Beware!! if you often wander through nebulas they will be found cloaked and very hostile. The great reward you will get upon defeating one of these terrible freaks of nature is a cargo hold full of Bio waste.
Hull: 615

Armor: 450 Organic (x1)

Amoeba Clots


Amoeba Blob
Tactics: 42
Hit Accuracy: 42
Maneuver: 41
Weaponry: 31
Engineering: 25

Cloaking ( Nebula)

Retreat hold: Often
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 170


Bio Waste