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Slave Trader

Category: Electro-Magnetic

Intelligence Report

While many moral deviants found their way into the slave trade by chance, just as a majority of pirates had, so too had a good number been persuaded into the position by their former/current employers. As the need for lower prices and greater profits grows ever more prominent in the current age, so too will the means for such an end. Often funded by nameless corporations, allowing them to equip their ships with high-tech cloaking and weaponry systems, members of the Black Market Slave Trade are foes not to be trifled with. Even if you do manage to overpower their well equipped freighters, you might suddenly find yourself an unwelcome guest in many of the cluster's most prosperous sectors.
Hull: 460
Shield: 660

Armor: 125 Positron (x4)
Tactics: 45
Hit Accuracy: 55
Maneuver: 28
Weaponry: 45
Engineering: 28

Cloaking ( Energy)

Retreat hold: Common
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 180
Reputation: 5