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Exo Crab

Category: Pardus

Intelligence Report

Though their incredibly short life span often takes care of these crustaceans when genocide cannot, the time when Exocrabs do invade the cosmos the damage they cause is astronomical. Though only one in every 500,000 Exocrabs is capable of reproducing, the few of the species that are able to, lay microscopic eggs that number in the hundreds of thousands. For years these eggs float unseen throughout the universe, drawn by magnetic charges to spacecraft, spaceports, and starbases as they latch onto the nutrient rich metal materials. Upon their hatching the tiny larvae burrow into niches in the metal, feeding off of it until their bodies grow too large for their old homes and they are forced to move to the metal's exterior. When finally large enough to see with the naked eye, space pioneers find it already too late, hundreds of trillions of these creatures infesting the area and beginning again their cycle of havoc.

Additional info:

Exo crabs only appear during a specified sector containing Exotic Matter during the Exo Crabs global event. However, in those few days when they are available, they spawn at incredibly fast speeds.
Hull: 255

Armor: 105 Pardus (x4)
Tactics: 33
Hit Accuracy: 45
Maneuver: 40
Weaponry: 43
Engineering: 25


Retreat hold: ???
Respawn time: 11m
Experience: 130