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X-993 Battlecruiser

Category: Conventional

Intelligence Report

Lumbering through space like behemoths, the primary warship of the X-993 Series finds its new station as assigned by CASSN a far more humble one. Boasting the largest cargo hold of any single craft, the X-993 Battlecruisers freight the harvested raw materials through space to their newly reconstructed processing facilities. Though remade by CASSN into the gargantuan wheelbarrows they are today, the X-993 Battlecruisers still have not lost sight of their original purpose, touting an arsenal fit for any warship, as well as parent to over two dozen X-993 Drones that double as gatherers and fighters.
Hull: 450

Armor: 375 Zortrium (x3)
Tactics: 62
Hit Accuracy: 46
Maneuver: 45
Weaponry: 45
Engineering: 29


Retreat hold: Common
Respawn time: 7h
Experience: 470


Cybernetic X-993 Parts