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Frost Crystal

Category: Organic

Intelligence Report

Often located in the same regions of the universe where Class I planets exist, the Frost Crystals, like the planets themselves, have come to embody the very element of ice. Slightly easier to detect due to the increased amounts of energy they emit, and because of their unique evolution into an actual semi-solid substance, rather than a gas, Frost Crystals pose less of a threat to travelers. Their energy signature is still difficult to detect the further one travels away from them however, and like all Crystals they are the sole inhabitants of their spatial area, allowing no other forms of solid matter to exist within their reach.
Hull: 600

Armor: 265 Genotrope (x5)
Tactics: 51
Hit Accuracy: 46
Maneuver: 51
Weaponry: 35
Engineering: 25

Cloaking ( Nebula)

Retreat hold: ???
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 520


Bio Waste