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Energy Sparker

Category: Electro-Magnetic

Intelligence Report

Referred to by many simply as Sparkers, Energy Sparkers are massive conglomerations of the same solidified nebula energy that gave birth to the Energy Minnows and Bees. Far more evolved than their cousins, Sparkers appear to possess the ability to control the flow of the energy around them. Radiating the same luminescent aura that all members of the Energy Species do, within the Energy Sparker it is far more concentrated and far more caustic, therefore posing a much greater threat, despite their non-aggressive nature. Biologists have also grown increasingly intrigued by what appear to be primitive sensory apparatuses encased within the Sparkers' fluid shells, anxiously awaiting and anticipating the day these creatures might develop a more complete central nervous system.
Hull: 500
Shield: 660

Armor: 365 Positron (x4)
Tactics: 62
Hit Accuracy: 61
Maneuver: 62
Weaponry: 42
Engineering: 32

Cloaking ( Energy)

Retreat hold: Rare
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 580