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Space Dragon Queen

Category: Electro-Magnetic

Intelligence Report

It is the Queen the thousands of myths and legends written in the ancient tomes of history circle around. For a single decade, once every 500 years, this glorious monarch will descend from the cosmos onto fertile land, unprotected by her worrisome brood as she continues yet again the cycle of life. Nestled deep within the sheltering land where the atmosphere provides warmth enough to incubate the eggs of the new generation she lays, the Space Dragon Queen watches over them for 10 long years until they are ready to hatch and once again return to their true home amidst the stars. The most formidable of the Dragon species, rest assured the Queen is, at any given time while in space, protected by the warriors of her brood, their beloved matriarch one the Dragons will not give up easily without a bitter battle.

Additional info:

I think you can guess how difficult it is to defeat one of these girls. But I would not be so quick to call her a girl. In order to find one of these creatures you will usualy have to fight your way through a mass of their children. It is an unconfirmed rumor that due to its red color and many points these creatures have a particular fondness for Chitins.
Hull: 600

Armor: 600 Fermion (x2)
Tactics: 51
Hit Accuracy: 35
Maneuver: 40
Weaponry: 40
Engineering: 25


Retreat hold: Often
Respawn time: 6h 30m
Experience: 500