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Swarm of Energy Bees

Category: Electro-Magnetic

Intelligence Report

Their name originating from the patterns of their erratic flight, Energy Bees have long been considered one of the greatest nuisances amidst the cosmos. Though relatively small compared to their cousin the Energy Minnow, Energy Bees pose a much greater threat to the standard wayfarer, the sheer droves they travel in a true test for any pilot's evasive capabilities. Their reluctance also to travel great distances away from their Hive makes Energy Bees an all the more formidable annoyance, drawing an even greater power from the heart of the swarm.
Hull: 1,080
Shield: 660

Armor: 225 Positron (x4)
Tactics: 60
Hit Accuracy: 62
Maneuver: 60
Weaponry: 38
Engineering: 30


Retreat hold: Often
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 600