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Medusa Swarmlings

Category: Organic

Intelligence Report

Progeny of the dreaded Medusa Species, Swarmlings pose nearly as great a threat as their matured parents. Though smaller, the poison found within the barbs of their flagella is just as potent, paralyzing their host victim within seconds and leaving them helpless.

Additional info:

There are over 66 Medusa Swarmlings in the universe. They spawn randomly like Medusas, although they can spawn under buildings. They are more to spawn likely near one. Not to be underestimated by new pilots.
Hull: 450
Shield: 120

Armor: 750 Mykoplasmic (x3)
Tactics: 60
Hit Accuracy: 66
Maneuver: 62
Weaponry: 37
Engineering: 30


Retreat hold: Often
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 800


Bio Waste