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Space Crystal

Category: Electro-Magnetic

Intelligence Report

One of the two newer species of Crystal, it has been discovered that the energy signature of the Space Crystals resembles that of the very natural riftgates used in interstellar space travel. Man-made wormholes used to transport large groups of spacecraft across great distances give off as well a nearly identical energy signature. With the yet to be understood choices the Crystals make as to which sources of energy to absorb, and which to reject, the manifestation of these Space Crystals raise many questions in researchers' minds about the many naturally occurring wormholes. Once thought to be abnormalities, mysterious anomalies, many scientists have been fascinated by the possibility of a deeper purpose behind these unexplained phenomena of the universe.

Additional info:

Space Crystals are found in chokepoints near Jeff K. Foam Singularities. They spawn once every few days, and are normally killed within a few hours of their appearance. Sectors with them have "crystal watch" threads in the tavern, for missioners to know whether they are alive or not, and for fighters who want to kill them, when there's one that needs clearing out.
Hull: 1,050
Shield: 270

Armor: 1,050 Positron (x4)
Tactics: 60
Hit Accuracy: 55
Maneuver: 55
Weaponry: 40
Engineering: 33


Retreat hold: Often
Respawn time: 2d
Experience: 1,000