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Famous Pirate

Category: Conventional

Intelligence Report

After years of proving themselves to the cosmos, a select few will carve their names forever in the stars. These men and women have rightfully earned themselves a permanent fixture on bounty boards stretching from the Cesoho Sector all the way to the Izar Sector. Each month the bounty on their heads goes up, yet each month they remain as one of the most prominent names listed. If your name is not as readily whispered amongst the stars be wary of facing off against one of these veteran scoundrels, for their fame has undoubtedly garnered them wealth, and their sleek, state of the art ships and weaponry will only further reflect their many achievements.

Additional info:

Unlike other simple pirates these men are some of the best of the best. They have evaded the law many times with there great ability to cloak their extremely powerful ships. If you are in their teritory it is best to leave these nasty outlaws have the tendency to move right on over to you.
Hull: 600
Shield: 660

Armor: 600 Zortrium (x3)
Tactics: 60
Hit Accuracy: 70
Maneuver: 60
Weaponry: 40
Engineering: 30

Cloaking ( Energy)

Retreat hold: Very often
Respawn time: 12h
Experience: 1,250
Reputation: 36