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Bio Scavenger

Category: Organic

Intelligence Report

Feeding upon all types of biological matter, as their name implies, Bio Scavengers are unique because they are speculated to be lifeforms native to no charted region of space due to their wholly unique genetic makeup. Believed to be carried back in the ballasts of barges returning from deep space exploration missions, these creatures are so dissimilar from anything science has yet to witness, they are presumed to be descendants of a completely divergent evolutionary ladder. Never has the question been raised so poignantly, since man first took to space, as to what new forms of life linger beyond what our eyes have seen.

Additional info:

Bio scavengers are the vultures of Pardus. They have little means to defend them selfs. They can be frequently found at the sights of battles of organic creatures or wandering around in open space looking for their next opertunitiy for a meal. Bio scavergers have evolved their internal organs to be able to digest even the most indigestable bio-waste in the Pardus universe and have mastered this trait. There only effective attack is to secret a toxic mix of bio-waste and stomach acid from their bodies to ward off predators and hostil pilots. A bio scavenger's mouth is a large open hole and functions much like that of a snake, swallowing whats left of the dead prey whole and digesting everything in its stomach.
Hull: 300
Tactics: 18
Hit Accuracy: 21
Maneuver: 18
Weaponry: 23
Engineering: 15


Retreat hold: None
Respawn time: 18m
Experience: 40


Bio Waste