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Category: Organic

Intelligence Report

The first species of the Skyphos Genus to be discovered by space travelers due to their abundance in the sectors outside of the Pardus Cluster, the Medusa was aptly named, not only for the snake-like flagella that extend from their bodies, but for the preserved state in which they leave their host victim after they have completed their union. Bonding most often with creatures that are able to exist within the vacuum of space, Human, Rashkir, Ska'ari, and Keldon have nonetheless fallen prey to these parasites as well, their perfectly preserved corpses like stone statues floating throughout the universe, the truest testament to the Medusa's infamy amidst the cosmos.

Additional info:

Medusas are powerful, organic creatures. 17 of them spawn randomly across the universe in open space tiles without a building. Their arrival in a sector greatly increases the chance of Medusa Swarmlings spawning.

According to analysis on 101 attempted retreats conducted by Darmani and posted in the Main Forum, their chance to prevent a retreat before applying the evasion bonus of the drive is 30%.

If one exists unkilled for a period of 5 weeks, it will reach the end of its lifespan and spontaneously die.
Hull: 900
Shield: 120

Armor: 1,350 Mutagen (x4)
Tactics: 64
Hit Accuracy: 63
Maneuver: 64
Weaponry: 42
Engineering: 30


Retreat hold: Very often
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 1,790


Bio Waste