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Z15 Repair Drone

Category: Conventional

Intelligence Report

The backbone of any civilization, no matter how big or how small, is that which creates and ensures continued existence. Without the Z-15 Repair Drone the Z-Series would be a withering mass of metal decay. Though optimized for on base repairs, like the medics of the ancient wars these fearless drones more often than not find themselves as soldiers just as necessary upon the field, repairing their brethren craft in the heat of battle while at the same time becoming warriors in their own right.
Hull: 450
Shield: 420

Armor: 900 Adamantium (x5)
Tactics: 60
Hit Accuracy: 82
Maneuver: 60
Weaponry: 35
Engineering: 31


Retreat hold: Very often
Respawn time: 26h
Experience: 2,084