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Z15 Fighter

Category: Conventional

Intelligence Report

No army would be complete without the sword that strikes the necessary fear into the hearts of their enemies. Z-15 Fighters, the front lines of the Z-Series armada, are the true footsoldiers of their war, the first to strike out onto the field of battle and the last to leave the field of debris. Armed with both long and short range weaponry systems, and a maneuverability mortal fighter pilots can only one day hope to achieve, the Z-15 Fighter is both an efficient and soulless soldier, undeterred by the threat of its own destruction; for where one of these fighters lurks is a repair drone most often nearby, ready to collect its remains and build it anew.
Hull: 600
Shield: 660

Armor: 720 Adamantium (x5)
Tactics: 70
Hit Accuracy: 85
Maneuver: 70
Weaponry: 35
Engineering: 32


Retreat hold: Very often
Respawn time: 28h
Experience: 2,432