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Z16 Fighter

Category: Conventional

Intelligence Report

Knowing the rogue Z-15s embraced enhanced physical capabilities, the designers of the Z-16 Series combined the sleek form of the Z-15 Scout with the awesome attack power of the Z-15 Fighter, giving birth to arguably one of the most advanced spacecraft of the time. Thought to be one of the few small craft that could hunt down and destroy the obsolete Z-15s, they instead came to define the new generation of space warfare.

Additional info:

The Z-series drones, which escaped several months ago and became firmly established in scattered locations throughout the Neutral Zones, have recently become more aggressive. The drones, programmed to improve upon their own designs and assemble superior ships, have done exactly that and the new Z-FS series are now actively patrolling claimed sectors. All pilots traveling through neutral space are advised to use extreme caution and lingering in open space is strongly discouraged.

The drones move 1 tile every 6 minutes.
Hull: 940
Shield: 420

Armor: 960 Adamantium (x5)
Hit Accuracy: 105


Retreat hold: Very often
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 2,700