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Category: Pardus

Intelligence Report

Little is known about the legendary creature known only as The Shadow. Stories and hearsay speak of a void-like entity wreaking havoc in many different sectors of the galaxy, but survivors are rarely left in its wake to speak firsthand of its terrible, destructive powers.

Additional info:

A shadow is one of the greatest and deadliest 'creatures' known in the pardusian universe.Due to the fact that the few pilots strong-or lucky-enough to kill one would hardly be foolhardy enough to examine a dead one(especially considering many-presumably true-accounts of the Shadows ability to breakdown any ship at close range),little knowledge of this creauture(s) exist.

The most common scientific theroists,however believes that these deadly and chaotic creature(s) are caused by sub-space collapses in exoitic matter,that the time-space warps in the said ematter creates an unnatural form of evolution.In the space of mere years in what would otherwise have taken hundreds millions of years,it is presumed,an invincible creature-Shadow had been formed.

The armour of these creatures are very mysterious.While they resemble the rarest and strongest pardus armours(found,for instance in the Lucidi),many quatuam radars and their sheer strenghth suggests an even stronger material.Nonetheless,ships computers register them as very strong pardus armour to simplify aiming calculations.

Many scientists have attempted (unsucessfully) to mine the extremely limited information they have of Shadows-and with very good reason.If any armour even half of its strenghth is engineered, the owner will easily be the richest and most powerful in the universe-for who can dare to defy an invincible enmy? In fact, the desire for this legendary substance is so great that all factions have a "Operation Shadow" under attempt-with varying degrees of unsucess-with the strictly confidentiality

One of the many arguments among scientists is whether there are many Shadows.....or only one that is capable of coming back to its (already-increadible) strength when killed to a random place after a few mere . Theroists who argued for the latter claims that these creatures are capable of creating self-generating 'Z-holes' that will allow them to reincarnate their previous meta-physical shape and travel across time and space to contuinues their goals in a safer position.
Hull: 2,500

Armor: 400 Pardus (x5)


Retreat hold: Very often
Respawn time: 21d
Experience: 5,000