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Category: Organic

Intelligence Report

First sister to the Medusa, the Stheno shares one distinct difference with its sibling. Rather than drawing its sustenance from the nutrient rich flesh of living matter, the Stheno feeds upon the ionic nutrients most commonly found in metal ores. Its toxin, though extremely harmful to the living, just like the Medusa's, has a property which allows it to paralyze metallic ions, much like a freezing effect metals go through when introduced to extreme, sub-zero temperatures. While a single Stheno poses a threat to any tiny spacecraft, swarms of these parasites have been known to latch onto outposts, buildings, and even entire starbases, neutralizing their offensive capabilities in a matter of moments, and leaving them defenseless for the feast.
Hull: 1,250
Shield: 120

Armor: 1,750 Mutagen (x4)
Tactics: 55
Hit Accuracy: 70
Maneuver: 55
Weaponry: 42
Engineering: 32


Retreat hold: Very often
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 2,300


Bio Waste