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Inexperienced Pirate

Category: Conventional

Intelligence Report

New to the shady arts, these men and women have nonetheless chosen their path in life. Scraping together what they could manage of a ship and a decent set of weaponry they scour the reaches of both the neutral zones as well as the sectors occupied by the Empire, Federation and Union. Most often the danger they pose to space-travelers is reflected in the dilapidated hulls of the near obsolete vessels they have managed to procure, but they loom a constant threat over pilots all the same, if only in the sheer numbers in which they exist.
Hull: 300
Shield: 60

Armor: 240 Titanium (x1)
Tactics: 21
Hit Accuracy: 22
Maneuver: 22
Weaponry: 23
Engineering: 18

Cloaking ( Energy)

Retreat hold: ???
Respawn time: 30m
Experience: 50
Reputation: 1