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Infected Creature

Category: Organic

This can't be found outside Pardus Core !

Intelligence Report

Many unfortunate creatures of the Pardus Cluster, simply unable to withstand the destructive energy of the Lucisti Virus yet unable also to perish from it, find themselves without purpose and even without name. Their bodies ravaged so greatly by the virus, mutated so irrevocably by it, they no longer even resemble the entities they once were. Even tests run by Federation and Imperial geneticists are unable to ascertain on a mitochondrial level what these wretched beasts used to be.
Hull: 500
Shield: 270

Armor: 590 Genotrope (x5)

Tactics: 50
Hit Accuracy: 55
Maneuver: 50
Weaponry: 45
Engineering: 32


Retreat hold: ???
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 750


Exotic Crystal