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Category: Organic

Intelligence Report

The proverbial thorn in any space traveler's paw is undoubtedly the bothersome Drosera. These insectoid looking creatures are in truth flora with long, silky vines that are often mistaken for antennae, legs, or other appendages. Using these vines as arms to snare their prey and anesthetizing them with venomous barbs, used also to deter potential predators, they then proceed to feed on the blood of their victim much like a spider or mosquito.
Hull: 375

Armor: 495 Worm-Slime (x2)

Death Spores
Tactics: 55
Hit Accuracy: 26
Maneuver: 41
Weaponry: 39
Engineering: 24

Cloaking ( Nebula)

Retreat hold: Rare
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 140


Bio Waste