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Space Worm

Category: Organic

Intelligence Report

Like Space Maggots, Space Worms are tasked with the humble job of clearing the universe of its cosmic waste. Considerably larger than their blobbish cousins, and considerably more aware, Space Worms have been known to grow aggressive when they, or specifically when their eggs, become threatened. Though invertebrates, they are crowned with a single bone-like spike made of solid tissue that they use to viciously defend their eggs with their lives if need be, only to abandon the newly hatched mere moments after their birth.

Additional info:

You may find these creatures in Nebulas across the universe. They will usualy give the reward of a couple tons of Bio after you beat them.
Hull: 300

Armor: 60 Organic (x1)
Tactics: 22
Hit Accuracy: 35
Maneuver: 30
Weaponry: 22
Engineering: 20


Retreat hold: ???
Respawn time: 1h
Experience: 60


Bio Waste