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Ancient Crystal

Category: Pardus

Intelligence Report

The purest form of the condensed, gaseous energy that create the mysterious Crystals, Ancient Crystals exist in a wholly unaltered state. Like stem cells, they have yet to evolve into their mature state by coming into contact with a symbiotic energy source. The Ancient Crystals, strangely enough however, pose the greatest threat of all to space-goers. Their energy signal, nearly nonexistent, is the most difficult for pilots to detect from long distances, while the gaseous energy they are able to release upon any craft that nears their vicinity is stronger than that of any other Crystal ever encountered, even the enigmatic Rive Crystal.
Hull: 1,250
Shield: 420

Armor: 1,100 Pardus (x4)
Tactics: 58
Hit Accuracy: 60
Maneuver: 58
Weaponry: 45
Engineering: 28


Retreat hold: ???
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 2,050