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Verdant Manifestation

Category: Pardus

This can't be found outside Pardus Core !

Intelligence Report

Emerging from the mysterious and chaotic depths of Oblivion Vortices, Verdant Manifestations are easily distinguished by both their small size and the faint blue glow near the center of their forms. Slowly drifting outward from their point of origin, newly created Manifestations will absorb all forms of energy, enabling them to rapidly grow larger. Though more gaseous than solid, these small Manifestations should not be underestimated as they are highly corrosive against the metal skin of spacecraft.
Hull: 60

Armor: 190 Pardus (x1)

E-3 Bubbles
Tactics: 28
Hit Accuracy: 30
Maneuver: 28
Weaponry: 25
Engineering: 23

Cloaking ( Open space)

Retreat hold: None
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 70