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Ripe Manifestation

Category: Pardus

This can't be found outside Pardus Core !

Intelligence Report

The eldest and most dangerous of the Manifestations, Ripe Manifestations have reached the third and final stage of their growth, limited only by their incredible density. Likewise their corrosive properties have grown all the more potent, with no known counteragent able to neutralize the scourge. The aimless drifting of these Manifestations makes them all the more dangerous, as they are impossible to predict.
Hull: 270
Shield: 270

Armor: 660 Pardus (x3)
Tactics: 62
Hit Accuracy: 58
Maneuver: 61
Weaponry: 45
Engineering: 32

Cloaking ( Open space)

Retreat hold: ???
Respawn time: ???
Experience: 1,200


Exotic Crystal